At IMH I was fortunate to be on a team of developers where I was able to create pages from scratch, edit and modify pages and also create brand new templates while working in others.
The framework I worked in was built on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, TWIG and Bootstrap.
The Envato Hosting Coupon Page:
• Tying the entry(ies) to a controller file
• Aligning the top graphics for responsive design
• Testing package prices to match database calls
The Drupal Hosting Page:
• Making sure the prices reflected database and cookie referenced amounts
• Making sure the price fields move correctly when the browser is resized for responsive design
• Creating new icons for the descriptions
The Reseller Hosting as a Business
• Resizing icons and coding the page to prep for responsive design
The Small Business Week 2015 Page:
• Creating new icons for the descriptions
• Coding to ensure responsive design remains fluid at different browser sizes
The eCommerce Hosting Page:
• Creating new header graphic
• Creating new icons for descriptions
• Resizing icons for usage
• Aligning spans for responsive design
• Refactoring tabbed code for easier readability
The Host Company 'Vs' Page:
• Designing table for responsive usability
• Writing 'for' loop to fill tables
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